Solving Problems Fall Edition Speech Therapy Boom Cards™


In this LEVELED functional communication Boom Card deck, teachers can select:

✅ multiple choice option

✅ open response option

These life skills solving problems fall edition speech Boom Cards™ are the perfect resource for middle school, high school, and young adults to work on solving hypothetical problems in activities of daily living.

What’s included?

  • 40 digital task cards (20 multiple choices, 20 open response)
  • Real life images related to spring on each card

These life skills solving problems fall edition task cards are NO PRINT, interactive, digital task cards. They can be used on your computer, smart board, Ipad and are teletherapy-compatible and can be used for distance learning. Upon selection, students are provided with immediate feedback (visual and auditory) on their response. Boom Cards are also printable for those students who would benefit from this activity in a paper-based format.

►When you download this product, you will receive a PDF with a link to the digital task cards on the Boom Learning Site. Click on the picture where indicated and it will take you to the Boom learning site.

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