Thanksgiving Speech Therapy Resources for Older Students and Young Adults


Thanksgiving can be a joyous time where we give thanks for a bountiful harvest, and show gratitude for the people and blessings we have been given throughout the year. For some of us, however, Thanksgiving can be overwhelming, overstimulating, and downright dreadful as we navigate how to deal with challenging family members, or struggle to show gratitude towards ourselves and others. 

That’s why I created these Thanksgiving Problem Solving FREE task cards for adolescents and young adults to practice identifying problems and verbalizing  solutions to hypothetical situations that may occur around Thanksgiving.

You can snag it for FREE from my FREEBIE LIBRARY by clicking HERE or on the image below. 

During November, I also love to help prepare my students and home health clients by incorporating some of my other fan favorites to work on  making predictions, problem solving, drawing inferences, cause/effect, answering WH questions, and describing emotions with the activities below. 

Thanksgiving Problem Solving Speech Therapy Boom Cards™

If you like my print & go problem solving task cards, you will LOVE these digital task cards, filled with 25 Thanksgiving scenarios and real-life images. Students use the open response text box to identify the problem in each scenario, as well as identify one way to solve each problem. This resource is great for older students and young adults to practice identifying problems and verbalizing solutions to common problems that occur during Thanksgiving! 

You can purchase this by clicking HERE or on the image below.

Cooking Safety Skills Practice Boom Cards™

If promoting functional independence and safety is your jam, you will love these Cooking Safety Skills Practice digital task cards! With 30 digital task cards, real-life images, and relatable scenarios, students can practice identifying whether situations are “safe” or “not safe,” as well as use an open response text box to identify why the situation is or is not safe. This resource is the perfect addition for older students and young adults to practice kitchen and cooking safety skills around the Thanksgiving holiday. 

You can purchase this by clicking HERE or on the image below.

Life Skills Cooking Tools Vocabulary Boom Cards™

When we think about Thanksgiving, we think about spending time in the kitchen. There is nothing more functional than helping develop cooking skills with adolescents and young adults than working on cooking tools vocabulary and function, in order to promote independent use of these cooking tools and build self esteem and confidence in the kitchen! These Cooking Tools Vocabulary digital task cards come with 80 cards and are broken up into 3 different activities. Students get practice identifying which cooking tool to use in a variety of situations, answering yes/no questions related to the use of different cooking tools, and practice naming pictured cooking tools using an open response text box format.

You can purchase this by clicking HERE or on the image below.

Cooking Tools Associations Memory Match Game Boom Cards™

Making speech therapy sessions fun and interactive are what we specialize in, right?! This next resource checks all of the boxes for both fun and function, and I can promise you that my students never complain about working on cooking tools associations when we play it! Consisting of 5 different levels of play, students practice making associations between familiar cooking tools involved in their activities of daily living, all while playing a game of memory. Students click on the cards to turn it over and try to find the associated cooking tool object. Students can even give themselves points using the digital scoreboard! 

You can purchase this by clicking HERE or on the image below.

Other Free Resources to Use During Thanksgiving

Life Skills Thanksgiving Dessert Recipe Reading & Comp Task Cards LVL 1

Free Google Slides! Fun THANKSGIVING Activities to improve reading skills

Thanksgiving Meal – Grocery Store Ad {Cut & Paste} Worksheets
Free! Thanksgiving: I’m Thankful For
Thanksgiving Meal Preparation Sequencing

Thanksgiving Traditions


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What else would you add to this list of resources to work on Halloween safety? Let me know in the comments below. 


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