Free March Themed Speech Therapy Lesson Plan for Older Students and Young Adults


Are you looking for spring speech therapy lesson plans for older students? Finding resources for my older students and home health client has always been a struggle, and is one of the main reasons why I started creating my own. I love using high qualify, real life images that my adolescent and young adults can relate, and I always had such a struggle finding resources that matched that criteria! Here is a roundup of some of my favorite spring-themed resources that I use as I plan my speech therapy sessions with my older students and home health clients. 

Spring Themed Asking Questions Topic Maintenance Boom Cards™ 

These digital task card activity contains 25 hypothetical conversations with partners that are depicted in high quality, real life images that are all related to spring! Each card allows students and clients to formulate a relevant question to ask by using an open ended text box provided on each card. There are no “correct” or “incorrect” responses. Click on the image above to snag this resource! 

Solving Problems Spring Edition Boom Cards™

 These LEVELED digital task cards are perfect for adolescent and young adults to work on identifying multiple ways to solve a problem. Each card contains a hypothetical situation and a corresponding, high quality, real life image related to a spring scene! Click on the image above to purchase this resource! 

Life Skills Cleaning Supplies Boom Cards™

Life Skills Task Cards Cleaning Supplies

What would the start of spring be without a discussion of cleaning?! It may not be my favorite part of spring, but both the digital task cards and printable task cards make it fun for adolescents and young adult to practice identifying cleaning items used during various household tasks. Click on the images above to grab these resources!

Life Skills Weather Forecasts and What to Wear Boom Cards™

Life Skills Weather & Clothing Task Cards

With the change in seasons, discussing weather and corresponding clothing is an important life skill for our older students and clients. I’ve put together a LEVELED digital task card deck that provides a field choice of 3 articles of clothing to wear, where students are asked to identify the most appropriate piece of clothing that corresponds to the weather forecast for the day. The printable task cards is a FREE resource for my weekly newsletter subscribers, and can be accessed by clicking on the image above. 

Life Skills Transition to the Workforce Boom Cards™

Life Skills Workplace Vocabulary for Transition to the Workforce 

It’s ALWAYS a good time to talk about transitioning to the workplace, but many of our adolescent and young adults start gearing up for employment in the spring, in hopes to land a summer job. That’s why my Life Skills Transition to the Workforce Boom Cards™ is perfect for older students and clients to work on workplace etiquette, workplace vocabulary, and workplace problem solving! I’ve also put together a carryover packet that contains 52 different vocabulary words, all related to the workplace, and addresses these vocabulary words in a practical and functional way by focusing on prior knowledge, making predictions, defining, illustration, and written expression. Click on the images above to purchase these resources. 

Spring Idioms in Context Speech Boom Cards™

Last, but most certainly not least, I want to highlight my LEVELED Spring idioms digital task cards that provide older students and clients practice identifying and using 15 different idioms, all related to spring. Click on the image above to purchase these digital task cards. 

What are some of your favorite themed activities and resources to use in March with older students and young adults? Let me know in the comments.   

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