Snow Speech Therapy Lesson Plan for Older Students and Young Adults


We got our first snow storm of the year, and it was the perfect, no prep activity to ease back into therapy with my home health clients after the winter break! Snow play is filled with fun, language-loaded activities that target a variety of communicative functions, and the best part is that even our older students and young adults on our caseload love a good play in real (or even artificial) snow! I’ve rounded up some of my favorite snow-themed free resources and put them together in this snow speech therapy lesson plan that I love to use with my students and clients of all ages to target a variety of speech and language goals.


Freebie Unscrambling Simple Sentences by Aimee Walton provides students and clients with 15 real life images all related to snow play! This activity is designed to provide students and clients practice in creating logical, organized sentences related to the picture scene, using the drag and drop feature of Boom Learning. This resource can be accessed in my freebie library for my newsletter subscribers. You can sign up by clicking on the image below.

Snow Edition Items Needed for Tasks by Aimee Walton is a great way for students and client to identify items needed for specific tasks, all related to snow play scenes. There are 10 cards, each depicting a snow play scene, and students and clients are asked to identify 3 items needed to complete each task. Activities include the following: building a snowman, sledding, getting dressed for the snow, going skiing, going ice skating, making a snow cone, going snowshoeing, making an igloo, playing hockey, and making paper snowflakes. This resource is free for my email subscribers in my freebie library. If you haven’t sign up yet and want access to the freebie library, you can do so by clicking on the image below.  

Freebie Snow Object Functions by Aimee Walton is a great way for students and clients to identify objects based on specific functions, all related to snow play. There are 4 different pictures and students and clients are asked which of the 4 pictures presented is used for a specific activity related to snow. This can be accessed for free through my freebie library for my newsletter subscribers. If you haven’t subscribed already and want access to the freebie library, you can sign up by clicking on the image below.


My Inferencing, Perspective Taking, & Problem Solving Printables by Aimee Walton is a free resource for my email subscribers. If you haven’t already subscribed, you can do so by clicking on the image below. This resource contains 10 different real-life images depicting a snow scene and asks students and clients to draw inferences, make predictions, and solve problems. 

The Winter Craft! How to Make Snow Slime! Is a free resource by Bilingual Speechie and is perfect for those of you who don’t live in the snow but want to target snow play with your older students and clients. This free resource is great for following directions, sequencing, and describing. You can snag this on TpT by CLICKING HERE.

The Free Snow Winter Emotion Cards by Monae’s Speech House is SNOW awesome and comes with snow complement cards, emotion cards with synonyms & antonyms, and conversation question starts. I love all of these free activities, but I especially love the conversation question starters to use for conversational exchanges, describing, emotions, character traits, and/or for carry-over practice for speech sounds or fluency for older students and clients. You can find this on TpT by CLICKING HERE. 

Snow Experiments Freebie by Whitney Palyu Bright Ideas SLP is a wonderful resource that contains speech snow experiment recipes, comparing & contrasting charts, descriptive words arranged by target sounds, and pre and post experiment questions. You can grab this amazing snow-themed resource on TpT by CLICKING HERE. 


Online reading passages are great for older students and clients to work on visualization and making connections, sequencing, summarizing, identifying the main idea and supporting details, and comprehension. Here are a few of my favorite reading passages related to snow from ReadWorks and National Geographic Kids. 

News Debate: Snowed Out 

No Snow Required

Snow Day Fever

Winter Workouts 

Funny Fill In: Snowed in

Wacky Weekend: Snow Sculptures 


I love using video clips in my therapy session to work on drawing inferences, making predictions, problem solving, describing character emotions and traits, and identifying cause/effect. Here are some of my favorite video clips involving snow that I personally love using with my older students and clients during therapy sessions. 

In the Heart of Winter 

The Snow Bird

Under the Winter Sun 

Epic or Fail Snow Edition 

Snow Business

Knick Knack

Warm Winter 

No matter the age of our students and clients, we all love playing in and talking about snow, even if it means we have to make it ourselves! The best part is that you can still incorporate a snow theme into therapy sessions, without spending a dime on content that is geared towards our older students and clients with pictures and images that are relevant to this population we work with. And when you find resources that are fun and engaging with content that is appropriate for this older group of students and clients, it can and should be SNOW much fun! What resources and activities would you add to this themed snow speech therapy lesson plan to use with older students and young adults? Let me know in the comments. 

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