I Phrases Sentence Building Strips Speech Boom Cards™


This functional communication Boom Cards™ deck contains 41 cards that target simple sentence formulation using I phrases. The following I Phrases are targeted:

⭐️ I feel

⭐️ I need

⭐️ I like

⭐️ I want

These functional communication sentence building strips Boom Cards™ contain 41 interactive task cards, designed to target simple sentence formulation using I phrases. Included in this resource, are the following:

  • I feel
  • I need
  • I like
  • I want

Students are provided with a real life visual scene, and asked to complete the sentence building strips by dragging the correct emotion, food/drink preference, item needed for a task, and/or action to complete the I phrase. The first page is a MENU page to navigate through the different I phrases. All symbols are color coded and follow the sequence I feel, I need, I like, or I want format. All cards target activities of daily living.

These BOOM CARDS cards are NO PRINT, interactive, digital task cards. oom Cards™ cards are interactive, digital task cards, and perfect for use on a computer, smart board, and Ipad. Digital task cards are teletherapy-compatible and perfect for distance learning.

►When you download this product, you will receive a PDF with a link to the digital task cards on the Boom Learning Site. Click on the picture where indicated and it will take you to the Boom learning site.

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