AAC Core Vocabulary Full Year Calendar Homework


By focusing on AAC core vocabulary, we can give AAC users access to approximately 60%-80% of the words they will need to communicate! We can do this by structuring the process of teaching and modeling core vocabulary words by scheduling which core vocab words will be targeted each month.

What’s included?

  • ALL 12 months of the year
  • 35 different core vocabulary words to target each month
  • Homework helper letter

This calendar homework is to print & go, and allows teachers and Speech-Language Pathologists to quickly assign as a carryover activity to AAC communicators and their team members. This calendar is SO versatile and can be assigned in several different ways. Teachers, therapists and/or parents can circle the core vocabulary words that will be targeted for the month, can select all core words to target for the month, or can send it home and have the AAC select which core words they want to target and use the box in the top-right corner to check off โ˜‘๏ธ as they go along.

By structuring the process of teaching and modeling core words, it helps make modeling and learning core vocabulary more manageable! Combine these with words from previous weeks and by the end of the year, the team will taught a vocabulary filled with many core words!

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