Free Speech Therapy Summer Resources for Older Students and Young Adults


Are you looking for free speech therapy summer resources to use with older students and young adults? I split my time as a contracted Speech-Language Pathologist in K-12 schools and working in home health, and spend ALL of my summer months working in client’s homes and out in the community with adolescents and young adults. If you know me, you know that I LOVE working on functional communication and life skills in activities of daily living, and I have a serious love-heat relationship with summer! ๐ŸŒž Like you, I don’t want to spend a fortune on resources ย to use in my therapy sessions, so I’ve put together some of my favorite FREE speech therapy summer resources to use with older students and home health clients, all of which are perfect for adolescents and young adults and all are based around a summer theme!ย 

Click on any of the links below to be directed to these FREE resources. For any of the resources created by myself (Aimee Walton SLP), you just need to subscribe to my weekly newsletter once to get access to all of the FREEBIES in the library.ย 

Boom Cardsโ„ข

*Freebie Unscrambling Simple Sentences Summer Edition by Aimee Walton

*Summer Edition Items Needed for Tasks by Aimee Walton

*Freebie Solve the Crime: Describing Someone by French Cafe

*Vocational Skills Working at the Ice Cream Shop by Creative Curriculum Connections

*Freebie Summer Edition! Describing with your Senses by SLPstyle

Print & Go

*4-Step Sequencing Summer Edition by Aimee Walton

*Spring and Summer Outdoor Scavenger Hunt for Speech and Language by Kayla SLP

*Summer Problem Solving Task Cards by Aimee Walton

*Schoolโ€™s Out for Summer Free Language Activity for Middle/High School by SpeechSnacks

*End of the Year Summer Writing

*End of the Year Summer Writing Worksheets Freebie by Speechie Musings

Reading Passages

*A Sudden Slice of Summer (ReadWorks)

*Memorial Day: The First Day of Summer (ReadWorks)

*Should School be Year-Round?ย (ReadWorks)

*Cindo de Mayo: Fiesta Fun (Nat Geo for Kids)

*5 Reasons Why Summer is Cool (Nat Geo for Kids)

*Camp Epic (Epic)

Video Clips

*In Need of a Holiday by Simonโ€™s Cat

*Piper by Pixar

*Joy and Heron by Passion PIctures

*Sweet Cacoon by TheCGBros

*Gnome by FILMSshort

*For the Birds by Devid Redinha

*Peck Pocketed by Kevin Herron

*The Little Bird and the Caterpillar by Magnetfilm

*Trouble in Paradise by Shane Collins

*Howard’s Drive In by Samantha Alarcon

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What are some of your favorite themed activities and resources to use in the summer with older students and young adults? Let me know in the comments.ย ย ย 


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