Functional Reading Comprehension Skills Homework Printable Packet


Homework and morning work targeting life skills reading comprehension in activities of daily living can be fun and functional!

If you are struggling to find life skills reading comprehension morning work or homework activitiesย that target functional topics that are practical and developmentally appropriate, then this 52 weeks of reading comprehension printable homework packet is for you!

Whats Included? A downloadable PDF that includes that following:

  • Sample Parent Letter
  • 52 pages of homework with 23 different reading comprehension activities
  • 2 questions related to each activity (8 questions per page)

Each of the 52 homework pages contains 4 different topics on each page. There are 23 different reading comprehension topics discussed within this entire year of homework pages, including the following:

  • maps
  • product labels
  • signs
  • menus
  • personal checks
  • coupons
  • shopping website
  • receipts
  • invitations
  • bills
  • business cards
  • grocery store ads
  • grocery lists
  • weather forecasts
  • clothing tags
  • gift certificates
  • schedules
  • mail
  • claim tickets
  • appointment cards
  • medicine bottles
  • advertisements
  • announcements

This resource is the perfect addition to work on carryover of reading comprehension skills at home and in the community with middle school students, high school students, and young adults! Each task comes with 2 corresponding questions related to the written expression activity.

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