Household Functional Vocabulary Cards and Sentence Strips

Household Functional Vocabulary

These functional vocabulary print & go cards are perfect for speech therapy students and clients of all ages to practice learning household vocabulary while playing Go Fish or Memory with included sentence strips that are related to these target games. All vocabulary in this resource is related to common household objects found within a home environment and pertain to activities of daily living. This is a wonderful print and go activity that can be laminated and used over and over again for increased durability to work on functional vocabulary with home objects in a variety of different categories.

Whats Included?

  • A PDF with 72 different vocabulary cards, including: cooking tools, household tools, clothing, household furniture, kitchen appliances, kitchen tools, hygiene, medical supplies
  • 12 sentence strips perfect for Memory or Go fish including: I have a, Do you have a, I have 2, Let’s play go fish, Yes/No, My turn, Your turn, Go fish, Let’s play memory, I win, you win, Let’s play again.
  • black & white and colored option for each vocabulary card

This resource is a digital download PDF only.

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